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The First in Synthetics!

AMSOIL Synthetic Racing Oils

DOMINATOR® Synthetic Racing Oil
• Formulated to withstand the elevated rpm, high temperatures and shock-loading common to racing applications • Shear-stable formulation engineered to provide maximum horsepower without sacrificing engine protection • Provides straight-grade protection in multi- grade formulations
Briggs & Stratton® Synthetic 4T Racing Oil • Formulated by AMSOIL specifically for stock and modified small-displacement air- cooled racing engines used in kart, junior drag, quarter midget and other racing applications • Recommended for any four-stroke, air- cooled competition engine • Helps racers elicit the most horsepower & longest life from their engines
DOMINATOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil • Engineered to address the heat, pressure and friction of race-engineered two-stroke engines • Purpose-built for outstanding film strength and lubricity • Anti-friction/anti-scuff formulation maximizes power and provides exceptional piston protection

Taking the checkered flag requires you
to push your race vehicle to the limit. But the intense heat and high rpm of racing creates conditions that can lead to costly breakdowns, ending a race as quickly as a wreck.

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are formulated to withstand the devastating
effects of powerful racing vehicles.

They help give you a competitive edge on race day.


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